“Alicia always made us feel that we were her only clients, when in fact she had numerous couples at any given time who I have no doubt felt the same" - Claire + Chris, August 19, 2012

My dearest Alicia,

In the last few days all I've heard from all our guests is how amazing the wedding was executed. I have only you to thank. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You made my vision come to life. And I enjoyed every minute knowing you had my back. You were my calm and my rock. When I felt like I was going to float away before walking down the aisle, it was you that grounded me.

Thank you again for everything. We will always look back on our wedding and remember the red headed firecracker that made our wedding a fairy tale come true.

- Wincy + Michael

Dear Alicia,

We've finally arrived back in SD and are getting back to reality. You were absolutely amazing this weekend - truly the best. You were upbeat and calm the entire time and prepared for anything! If anything went wrong, I surely didn't know about it. It's clear you love your job. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in so many ways from the start of our planning until 1 AM on Sunday night - and Thank you for allowing me to make a last minute decision on having the ceremony outside; thank you for handling the last unscheduled shuttle return at the end of the night to pick us up; thank you for coordinating payments and thank you for calmly handling our timing issues and rearranging the schedule to accommodate last minute speeches; and thank you for helping me to coordinate the best team of vendors ever! I'm certain you did so much more without us even knowing it, but that's what makes you great - you did it all without us even noticing anything.

- Jodi + Andy


Dear Alicia,

It is with sincere and heartfelt thanks that we write this card. We were truly blessed to have you and your amazing team be a part of our wedding day! Our wedding could not have been more perfect and it was because of you. It was the single greatest day of our lives.

More importantly, we thank you for all your unwavering support throughout the planning process. From the countless number of hours you spent with us deliberating the smallest of details, to the thousands of emails you sent on our behalf, to being a listening ear so we could vent our frustrations and for all the other things not mentioned. We miss our emails saying that "I'm on it", or "It's all taken care of" or "I've got your back".

We really meant what we said in our speech-that you are truly one of a kind because you take a personal interest in each of your couple's weddings. It's what sets you apart from the rest-it's what makes you, you!

- Stephanie + Jeremy


From the moment we met you, we knew that you were the one! We have so much gratitude in our hearts for all that you did to make our wedding day out perfect day, we could not have done it without you! Your genuine warmth, and kindness made it feel like you were an old friend that we felt lucky to have with us on the best day ever! We are so impressed with your ability to make things happen despite the odds with such poise and unwavering professionalism. You are extraordinary at what you do and we can’t thank you enough!

- Claire + Chris

We met Alicia two years prior to our wedding date. We knew from that first meeting that we could cancel all other wedding planner consultations because she was the perfect fit for us! Alicia has so much passion and love for what she does as well as an extensive knowledge of weddings and creative ideas. We knew we could tell Alicia our vision and she’d be able to bring it to life. We were living in DC so Alicia and I had to speak over the phone and Skype for most of the planning process. Because of her open and loving personality, more often than not I found myself talking to her more about my daily life than about the wedding. She became an extremely close friend as well as the person I could turn to with the difficulties of planning a wedding without feeling judged. I felt great knowing we had someone in our corner in Vancouver who knew us as a couple and would make sure our wedding would be an amazing one.

- Mandy + Karl

Dearest Alicia,

Without you there is absolutely no way I would have been able to pull off this glamorous wedding. You were patient, efficient and most importantly, ORGANIZED! You kept the most disorganized bride on her toes! You turned the anti-bride into the bride! Without you, we would have eloped.

 We were so impressed with your connections with vendors, your grace, style, humour and overall organization. You love weddings and it shows in your work. We recommend you, hands down, over any other wedding planner in the city.

- Stephanie + Andrew