Rashell + Todd Rosewood Hotel Georgia

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Rashell + Todd had a beautiful and intimate wedding at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It was the perfect backdrop for the elegance and style that Rashell and Todd exude. It was a chilly November day; what better excuse to throw a fur coat over the wedding dress for photos! Their xxquisite photos provided by the lovely Jen from JLS Photography, thank you Jen!

From the get go it was clear Rashell and Tood have so much love in their life. Everyone was emotional and joyous and ready to celebrate!

The elegant ceremony took place in the cozy Bowden Room. Upright Décor transformed the room with white satin drape and a long white aisle runner with their monogram in shimmering silver. Darlene from Bouquets created delicate arrangements in different shades of blush, lavender, pink and ivory.

The reception was held in the ornate Spanish ballroom. Guest sat along three long tables covered in lush floral and sparkling candelabras, they enjoyed a delicious three course meal amidst the fragrant floral and soft candle light. Their were many heartfelt speeches and tissues shared. Rashell and Todd wanted to ensure they had a great party. Half of the room was designed specifically for dancing the night away. A large scale white dancefloor with their monogram projected in light was styled by Upright Décor. The dancefloor was surrounding by chic white lounges with mirror coffee tables. DJ Leanne played a great set and the guests stayed on that dancefloor ‘till nights end.

There were too many beautiful moments throughout the day to name but it was clear that these two were rich in love in all parts of their lives.

xo Aurora

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